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Portable clocks were proven track record in about 1500 AD, built by Peter Henlein, but in the form of pocket watches. However, there were probably already portable clocks. They were the invention of Possible tension spring that allowed the drive and the balance (torsion pendulum) to replace the hanging pendulum clock as tie-breaker. Through them, the clocks shrink to manageable size. However, there was a long time before the pocket. Further miniaturization of the movement was the turn of the 20th Century, the Clock shrink to bracelet size. About this time it gradually became fashion, the big ladies watches wristwatch wrist to wear. This fashion was initially applied to men as effeminate - Men continue to use the pocket watch from the watch chain. This proved to be unwieldy for some uses, however, as, for example, for pilots in then instructed her sparsely furnished with instruments aboard aircraft in a quick and precise timing were. The Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont read from his friend, Paris Louis Cartier watchmakers build a clock for pilots, which was worn on the wrist: The Cartier Santos is the first watch for men. After the officers found in the First World War that their pocket watches in the winter and generally under combat conditions proved to be impractical, the watch in the military and was eventually rapidly even in the civil society, and was at war, the general standard has become. The first automatic (a wristwatch with a pendulum swing mass) was built in 1923 by John Harwood. Harwood did not appear that Abraham Louis Perrelet already in 1770 a pocket watch with rotor and had changer (ie on both sides teasingly) designs. Later built Rolex automatic watch with unidirectional winding rotor and patented it. An Automatic draws the energy to tighten the spring in the arm movements of the wearer.

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