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8. Juni 2010 - 7:14 – Onlinepresse

AVIATOR Watches presents: Libenham watches
In the beginning was the idea of the beauty of nature through their color capture and transfer this emotion to a wristwatch. Target was to create a watch line, which by natural colors and a simple, yet unique design convinced. By Combination of Japanese technology, and Swiss design was as part of a Switzerland-Japanese cooperation, the brand Libenham. The brand models Libenham distinguished not only by the colors clean lines, a sober and modern design, uncompromising Quality, a unique arrangement and an automatic movement from.
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10. April 2010 - 16:57 – Onlinepresse

AVIATOR Watches Presents: Thunderbirds Watches Fighting Black - Fine aviation watches of the highest quality and precision
A pilot watch is a watch, as since the beginning of the 20th Century was developed for the needs of pilots. Since then a major aviation advanced engineering services had offered, many watch manufacturers Aviator watches in to the myth of precision and high technology participate. All the pioneering work of the Aerospace can be found in the History of that watch manufacturer. The actual pilot watches were built early in the dashboard and out of the already technically well-developed maritime chronometers developed.
Just this precision and technical know-how and attention to detail see you again on every single Thunderbirds Clock. The collection includes classic mechanical watches and chronographs. As a special highlight possess some models from the collection of the red cap and PPS (Push Protection The System). This patented cap Protects the top of the handle Thunderbirds Watches. ...
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3. Februar 2010 - 8:54 – Onlinepresse

Catch Get It! - Live Shopping powered by AVIATOR Watches
Who's Catch Get It?
Catch Get It is a live shop AVIATOR Watches, where you buy only one product per day at a terrific price can.

How Live Shopping
Every day from 12.00 noon clock offers Catch them live shopping Get It AVIATOR Watches powered by a new product to an incredibly low price. This offer is valid only for 24 hours and only while stocks last. Our offers change from Sunday day to Friday from 12:00 clock. After expiration of the offer you have, of course the possibility of these items in our online shop at the http://shop24.aviator-watches.de to purchase regular price. ...
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23. Juli 2009 - 9:28 – Onlinepresse

AVIATOR Watches presents: Arctos Elite Model GPW watches - ceramic package
Arctos is the first German watch company, the automatic watch from High-Tech Ceramic (zirconia ZrO2) and titanium Manufactures. Hight-tech ceramic is a Material which is increasingly becoming a more important role in space. High-tech ceramic has a much higher strength than metal, Mohs Scale, diamonds are just a little harder. Ceramic tools can e.g. even steel cut. It is an ideal material for watches that under extreme Conditions are used. Right here is the model number GPW Home. ...
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