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Diver Watches:
The merit of this epochal development to the House Rolex, this, with the invention of the screw housing (1926) solved once and for all time to the problem of leakage. As a result of the implementation of the theoretical Studies toward a practical use was the Oyster, which has practically become a synonym for waterproof watches. But the name has already pointed to the special feature of this timepiece. In addition, this Clock was in 1927 in the center of one of the first spectacular advertising campaigns in the history of the wristwatch. The athletic performance of Mercedes Gleitze who swam the English Channel in 15 hours, filled the pages of the former journals and magazines. On her wrist while she was wearing a Rolex Oyster, upon their arrival on the other side of the channel still worked perfectly. The interest of collectors for diving watches is concentrated, apart from historical specimens, in particular on models that represent in different ways the concept of sportiness. No doubt this is the image of this timepiece. The major watch houses to try in various ways, the 'needs. Patek Philippe Carlier, or combined as the concept of Leaks with an original design, as the Nautilus and the Pasha prove. The Omega Seamaster and the Submariner or Sea-Dweller Rolex particularly emphasize the technical component. All these models have in addition vorschraubter crown and case also features a one-way rotating bezel for calculating dive time.

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